Our Approach to Asset Management

We believe that portfolio management should be tailored to each client.  Therefore, you can be confident that the resulting portfolio will be as individual as you are.


Your personalized financial plan will lead us to the appropriate products and services to help protect, accumulate and distribute your assets.  


To keep our portfolios well-positioned through the market's ups and downs, we use a repeatable 5-step investment process that includes:

  1. Determining risk tolerance and the appropriate asset mix
  2. Identifying  investments and asset classes appropriate for the current environment
  3. Building customized portfolios appropriate for your goals while aiming for expected returns for a given level of anticipated risk.
  4. Rebalancing and ongoing management
  5. Evaluating and communicating progress towards goals


Our Investment Committee serves as the governing body charged with overseeing the investment management functions including research, recommendations, and selection of investments. Their disciplined and repeatable approach to asset management as outlined here adds significant depth to the investment process for the benefit of clients.



For more detail, click here to view our investment philosophy and investment process.